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swackett® is a whole new way to look at the weather. We convert complex weather data to easily-understood, visual weather reports designed for people of every age. Our unique approach is to combine raw weather data (current conditions, radar, and detailed forecasts) with thoughtfully crafted people symbols (called “peeps”) who always appear appropriately dressed for the weather.

If it happens to be cold outside, swackett® peeps appear dressed in winter hats, coats and boots. A hot, sunny day? swackett® peeps appear wearing shorts and sunglasses — and they even remember to bring along drinking water and sunblock. Rain? swackett® peeps appear with rain jackets and an umbrella.

And now with the swackett Web App you can get your swackett forecast from just about everywhere!

a true swackett app

Brought to you by the design team behind swackett, the swackett Web App also features the famous swackett peeps — who always appear dressed appropriately for the weather. swackett user accounts are fully supported: including your custom locations, temperature and language preferences, and your purchased swackett editions. Naturally, the swackett Web App supports swackett Easter Eggs.

technical specifications

Peepometer 1000 displays detailed weather conditions and forecasts for over 2 million locations worldwide.

Forecasts and Imagery
  • Current weather details
  • Visual forecasts for today, tonight and tomorrow
  • Hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours
  • Daily forecasts for the next 5 days
  • Local, regional, state and national full-motion radar images (where available) with rain, ice and snow color mapping
  • Smart watches and warnings (available currently only in the US, but coming soon to other countries)
Comprehensive Weather Details
  • Temperature and “real feel” temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dew point
  • Wind speed and directions
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Precipitation amounts for rain, ice and snow
  • Percent probability of precipitation
Special Features
  • swackett Editions to keep forecasts fresh and fun
  • Seamless multi-platform location synchronization (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Web).

how to access the swackett Web App

The swackett Web App is available for use on any modern web browser. Point your browser to www.swackett.com/app.

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dress up your forecast even more

Every swackett app comes with two complimentary editions: The Classic Edition and The Modern Edition. You can dress-up your weather forecast with additional editions, each available as an in-app purchase.